New Jersey Real Estate
Title Insurance and Settlement Services

Carnegie Title provides premier levels of service for New Jersey real estate title insurance and settlements.

Why do I need Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects real estate property owners and mortgage lenders from defects, liens or other encumbrances that would put their interests at risk, or make the property unmarketable.  The purpose of title insurance is not only to indemnify the insured against those issues, but also to make sure that they are cleared before settlement is completed.  CLICK HERE FOR A DESCRIPTION OF THE BENEFITS OF TITLE INSURANCE.


When required or requested, our experienced settlement agents make the settlement process as easy as possible for our clients. Services include:

Courteous and Professional processors and settlement agents located in a branch office near you
Settlements can be scheduled in our office, in the attorney’s office or in the client’s home
We offer day and evening closings
Preparation of Settlement Statement/Closing Disclosure 
Acquisition of all Mortgage & Judgement Pay-Offs
Disbursement of all funds from closing
Competent post closing services
Timely return of recorded documents and policies

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